Accident at the Vanderbilt Mausoleum

While I was browsing the Vanderbilt Family Forum over on, someone had recently made an inquiry about an accident that happened at the site of the family mausoleum back in 1967. They wondered if it was a family member.

The librarian in me had to see if I could find mention of it – so off to my new favorite resource – the NYT archives to see if I could locate it and locate it I did. Unfortunately, you have to pay for articles that are published after 1922 as they are not public domain. So, off to my library’s catalog I go – I’m sure we have access to the archives through the university – and yes, I was able to find the full text of the article.

The lady who died was 24 year old Patricia Kirschhock of New Dorp. She and her sister had been visiting the nearby grave of a relative and decided to go look at the family mausoleum (it was a popular tourist attraction), and after they finished looking, she tried to close the 15 foot gate. At that time, the gate broke loose from its hinges and fell on her.  Seven men came to help when her two sisters cried out, and they were able to lift it off of her, but she died a couple of hours later.  What a tragic accident.

Seeking more info, I went to the SSDI to see if I could find Patricia, but she is not there. There are some Kirschhochs listed, having last resided in my home state of NC and one other Kirschhoch who last resided in Staten Island. But, it is late and I must go to bed now. To be continued….


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