Vanderbilt Cup Races

I was just taking a look at how people have come to find this blog, and one of the sites I saw on the list was the Vanderbilt Cup Races website. It seems they have added a link to the bibliography page I have in progress here on my blog. Very cool!

As I am still learning about the large Vanderbilt family, I decided to read more the website. It is very well done – I particularly like the color scheme. The site is dedicated to the six Vanderbilt Cup Races that were held on Long Island from 1904 – 1910. The races were started by William Kissam Vanderbilt Jr., a great-grandson of the Commodore’s via his eldest son, William Henry Vanderbilt. The owner of the Vanderbilt Cup Races website has a book coming out soon about the races that is being published by Acadia Press. I may have to pick this one up when it comes out. Should be an interesting read.

I see from looking at my page for WKV Jr. that I don’t have a picture of him, so I need to add one. I’ll probably just grab the public domain one from his Wikipedia page.

Now, since my focus in on genealogy, one of the first things I realized was that I have a different birth date for WKV than what appears on his Wikipedia entry and on the Vanderbilt races website. They have that he was born in 1878. From my sources, I see I have one that says 1880 and another that says 1878. Those two sources are:

  • the book Famous Families of New York by Margherita Hamm. This book was published in 1902 and if you have an Ancestry subscription, is available full-text there.
  • the other source I have is a book from 1908 by Duyckinck and Cornell called The Duyckinck and Allied Families Being a Record of the Descendants of Evert Duyckink Who Settled in New Amsterdam, Now New York, in 1638. This one is available full-text in Google Books. This is the one that says 1878.

To examine which may be true – 1878 or 1880, I went to the census records. In 1880, WKV Jr.’s family is living in Oakdale, Suffolk County, New York, District 321 – the 530th family enumerated. The family is as follows:

  • Vanderbilt, W.K. – age 31, occupation – railroad king
  • Alva – wife, age 27, born in AL, father born in VA, mother born in TN
  • Consuelo – daughter, age 3
  • WK Jr. – son, age 1

Well, guess that solves that! Looks like WKV Jr. was indeed on this earth before 1880, thus probably born in 1878 as the Wikipedia date suggests. Time to go update my records – as I had no census data attached to them before now, no wonder I have a wrong estimated date.

Back to the original subject of the post — the website. In reading through it, I also learned of the Vanderbilt museum there in Suffolk County. This is definitely going on my list of places to visit!


One thought on “Vanderbilt Cup Races

  1. Taneya:

    Thanks for providing a link to my website. When stopping by the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, call Stephanie Gress and ask for a tour of William K.Vanderbilt Jr.’s archives.


    Howard Kroplick


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