Extra-Illustrated Wedding Details

In my last post, I shared a wedding announcement of Gertrude Vanderbilt to Harry Payne Whitney. One of the followers of this blog, Dennis, took that announcement and did the coolest thing – he added pictures to the article and additional information that really gives the story more context – it’s great! He’s kindly given me permission to share online, so you may find it here.

Great job Dennis!


3 thoughts on “Extra-Illustrated Wedding Details

  1. I agree, Dennis did a great job. It’s so helpful to have reference images of the details, and it makes the story come alive. Thank you, Dennis.

  2. I am seeking information on Barbara Vanderbilt Whitney. Can anyone be of assistance. I have found a page with information on Flora and Cornelius, but Barbara Whitney’s page has been deleted by a person named Graemel, in Nov. 2005, because it “it was nonsence, she suks”. I have been looking everywhere to possibly find any information on Barbara Whitney Thanks

  3. The complete entry read as follows: Barbara Whitney – this page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided for reference 14:36 22 November 2005 Graemel (talk/contribs) deleted “Barbara Whitney” “(content was {{nonsense}} she sux”). Very curious as to what was deleted, as I have information on Flora and Cornelius and information on Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Thanks for any information or as to where to locate it. Thank you


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