Vanderbilt Homes: Florham

I know that there are lists out there of all the homes that the Vanderbilt’s have had (the Vanderbilt Museum has a great timeline), but I am making an effort to get more personally familiar with them, so I’ll be doing various blog posts.

In my last post, I mentioned a book by Shirley Burden, a 2nd great-grandson of the Commodore.  His grandmother, Florence Vanderbilt Twombly,  had an estate called Florham, in New Jersey.  The name, Florham, was a combination of the first syllable of her name and her husband, Hamilton.

This picture of the home is from The home is in Convent, New Jersy and is a building on the Fairleigh Dickinson University’s campus. The home was sold in 1955 by Florence’s daughter Ruth and is now used by the school.

The house was completed in 1897. You can read more about the home at the college’s website.


One thought on “Vanderbilt Homes: Florham

  1. Actually, it was the surviving daughter, Florence Twombly Burden who had the task of disposing of her sister Ruth’s estate. Ruth died in Paris September 1, 1954. FDU first held classes on their new campus in 1958. My grandfather was the dean of the Education School at that time.


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