Feature Friday – A Railroad Report

Feature Friday posts will feature relevant information from a chosen online resource. This month, the database is Google Books.

As I was browsing Google Books for Vanderbilt-related content, I found the 27th Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company.  Even back then in 1896 companies generated reports for their stockholders.

At the time, the Board of Directors consisted of names we are quite familiar with:

  • Cornelius Vanderbilt
  • Chauncey M. Depew
  • Charles C. Clarke
  • Horace J. Hayden
  • William K. Vanderbilt
  • Frederick W. Vanderbilt
  • Samuel F. Barger
  • J. Pierpont Morgan
  • Samuel D. Babcock
  • William Bliss
  • Sherman S. Jewett
  • Erastus Corning
  • George C. Buell

At the time of this report, there were over 12,000 stockholders in the company, with the accounts at more than $158 million dollars.  The report contains all kinds of financial figures, statistics, and numbers of the railroad operations.  Probably not something I’d read from beginning to end, but it’s an interesting glimpse into the Vanderbilts’ operations.


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