Obituary: Cornelius Vanderbilt DeForest

From the November 10, 1887 issue of the New York Times

Cornelius V. DeForest died yesterday morning from paresis, at his residence, 17 East Forty-seventh-street.  He was born 70 years ago in this city, and from the time he reached manhood was for many years prominent in New York’s business community.  For a long period he was engaged in the oil trade, and upon giving it up became purchasing agent of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, an office he held for many years.  For the last three years he had been a special partner in the Stock Exchange firm of Colbron, Chauncye & Co.  Ill-health, however, had kept him out of active business for many months.  Mr. De Forest leaves a widow, a daughter, Mrs. William T. Colbron, and a son, C. Eugene De Forest.   Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock.  The burial will be in Greenwood.

2 thoughts on “Obituary: Cornelius Vanderbilt DeForest

  1. Hello,

    We currently own an inn built by William (S.) Vanderbilt of Greenville, who, as far as we know, was a (second or third) cousin to the Commodore.

    Local legend says that William (S.) was a drinker and the family pushed him up the Hudson until he landed in Greenville, NY.

    We know his great grand daughter and she says that when she was little, she used to spend time with the money side of the family in NYC.

    Can you shed light on who William Vanderbilt of Greenville was?

    Thank you.

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