Leasing Vanderbilt Land

The November 5, 1903 issue of the Kinston Free Press newspaper of Kinston, NC reported the following:

“E.B. Moore, manager of Kenilworth Inn, has returned from the north and said today that he was confident of effecting the lease of the famous Vanderbilt hunting preserve, which embraces about 150,000 acres.  It is said that the sum contemplated in the lease of this preserve is nearly $200,000.”

Kenilworth Inn, opened in 1890, has had quite an interesting history.  There is a Wikipedia article about the hotel and all the different events that have happened there, including a fire in 1909, and the various functions it has had. It is currently an apartment complex and their website is here

kenilworth[image fromhttp://dlib.uncc.edu/special_collections/exhibits/ncscenes/ncpt7.htm]

A New York Times article from a few months after this news item gives a detailed account on George Vanderbilt’s possible lease of his property to be used as a hunting preserve.  E.B. Moore is Edgar B. Moore and he was forming a hunting club and apparently Vanderbilt’s land was just ripe for hunting.  The article reports that no hunting had occurred there in the 8-10 years which G.W. owned Biltmore.  The article can be found here. 

I must add this to my to-do list next time I visit Asheville. 


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