Death Certificate: Eliza Osgood Vanderbilt Webb recently announced the availability of Vermont vital records.  Knowing that some of the Vanderbilt family made their way to Vermont, I immediately went to go check for them.  Sure enough, I found this death certificate for Eliza Osgood Vanderbilt Webb (1860-1936).   Eliza was one of the Commodore’s granddaughters; sister to Biltmore Estate owner, George Washington Vanderbilt.

Death Certificate of Eliza Vanderbilt Webb

Date of Birth: 20 Sep 1860
Marital Status:  Widowed
Birthplace: New York City
Father: William H. Vanderbilt
Mother:  Louisa Adams Kissam
Informant: Vanderbilt Webb

More about the databases available can be found over on Randy’s blog.

Update: Michael has pointed out that her death certificate actually indicates that she was widowed, not divorced; I’d misread the placement of the check mark, and, upon reviewing the information I already had I do see that her husband died in 1926.  The information above has now been edited to reflect this. Thanks Michael!


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