Triumphal Arch of Maximillian by Durer

Here’s another post inspired by the Internet Archive — while browsing recent additions to the site from Brigham Young University I noticed works about Albrecht Durer.   Visitors of the Biltmore Estate may remember that one of Durer’s prints is on display in the Music Room in the house.

When I visited the house, this work is certainly one of the ones that left an impression upon me.  At approximately 10 x 11 feet, it is hypothesized to be one of the largest woodblock cuts ever produced.

Triumphal Arch of Maximillian commissioned about 1515

According to the Wikipedia article, there were about 700 prints made from the woodblocks so it’s my guess that this is one of the prints made?

There’s even a genealogy twist here — above the central arch, which is titled “Honour and Might”, there is a genealogy of Maximillian and is represented by a family tree.  From the pictures I can see, it seems to be a series of family crests.

Interested in reading more about Durer?  The works added to the Internet Archive were:

Self-portrait of Durer at the age of 13. From the book by Thausig.



2 thoughts on “Triumphal Arch of Maximillian by Durer

  1. This print in biltmore is actually in several separate woodcuts then framed together, I have somewhere in my files just how manf if your interested. As u probably know the music room at biltmore wasnt opened or finished until 1970s, during the life of gwv the direr work and many more durers hung in the library den. In 1907 gwv had to sell most of his durers and rembrandts to jp Morgan because of financial strains


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