Which Vanderbilt Descendant is Going to the Royal Wedding?

If you guessed Anderson Cooper then yes, you would be right! However, he’s a CNN journalist – he gets around most places :-).  There is a chance some lesser known Vanderbilt descendants may be there also.

With all the festivities, I of course had to post about Vanderiblt connections to the event.  Those interested in the Vanderbilt family may remember that the Commodore’s great-granddaughter Consuelo Vanderbilt (1877-1964) married into the British royal family.  It was apparently not a marriage Consuelo desired,  but her and husband Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough were married for almost 30 years and had two children together.  I don’t have Conseulo’s descendancy tree completely filled in, however, her kids are relatives of Prince William.

Consuelo’s children, John Albert Edward William Spencer-Churchill and Ivor Charles Spencer-Churchill share a common ancestor with Princess Diana; his name was James Hamilton, Duke of Abercorn.   The Duke of Abercorn was their great-grandfather and is Prince William’s 4th great-grandfather.   I wonder if any of Consuelo’s descendants are attending the wedding of their cousin 🙂  Some of them, such as Lady Henrietta Mary Spencer-Churchill (a granddaughter of Consuelo’s), live right there in London.

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2 thoughts on “Which Vanderbilt Descendant is Going to the Royal Wedding?

  1. You have incorrectly identified Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as Queen Elizabeth I the Queen Mother. You need to eliminate the numeral. As she was not a queen regnant, she does not take a number. Thus you’ve accidentally conflated the present Queen’s mother with their glorious predecessor, Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of Henry VIII).

    • Hi Maggy,

      If you are referring to the graphic, then I did not create this – the team at Geni.com did – but I will certainly let them know of your feedback! Thanks for commenting.


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