The Vanderbilts and their Hotels

I love it when I come across a new Vanderbilt connection.  :-).  This past weekend I visited Augusta, Georgia for a work conference.  While touring the Morris Museum of Art, the docent happened to make a casual reference to “the hotel that the Vanderbilt’s stayed at” called the Bon Air. Ooh! Vanderbilts & Augusta?

So, of course I have to look it up. And, interestingly enough, the topic happened to coincide with a comment I received on the blog back in September.

Bon Air Vanderbilt Hotel

The Bon Air Hotel in Augusta, Georgia opened in 1923 and was one of 4 hotels the Vanderbilts established so they could cover every season.  It seems Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt was the family member behind them (at least initially; he died in 1915).  The 4 distinct hotels were:

  • the Vanderbilt Hotel in New York at 34th st. and Park Avenue
  • a summer resort hotel in Newport, Rhode Island
  • the Condado-Vanderbilt hotel of Puerto Rico  (this is the hotel I received the blog comment about)
  • and the Bon-Air in Augusta
One article described them as such:
With the completion of the Bon Air Vanderbilt, the hotels under Mr. Marshall’s direction will provide every seasonal requirement; a winter resort in Augusta, a summer resort in Newport, an any-time-of-the-year vacation spot in Porto Rico and an all-year home or temporary stopping place in New York. — Morning Olympian newspaper 11/28/1922.

The hotel closed eventually and is now a residence for the elderly.  It looks like a beautiful building though. Wish I would have had time to at least drive by while in town.


Two Vanderbilt hotels I’ve now learned about within the past 30 days.  Kinda neat. 🙂


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