Cyrus West Field Connection?

Oooh – it’s been awhile, but tonight I’m on the hunt again! I was contacted by a descendant of Cyrus West Field and I’m trying to document his connection to the Vanderbilt family.  Cyrus’ Wikipedia page states that Frederick Vanderbilt Field is his descendant, but I’ve not yet found documentation to support it. Hmm… I must keep searching!

Meanwhile, I found this 1879 picture in the Library of Congress online collections – William Henry Vanderbilt depicted as the modern colossus of the railroads. In one of his legs, Cyrus West Field is depicted, and in the other, Jay Gould.  Cyrus was president of the New York Elevated Railroad Company and Jay was with several railroads in the Midwest and West. 


4 thoughts on “Cyrus West Field Connection?

  1. You know he might be connected To Margaret Emerson Vanderbilt . Castle Gould is where the guys ancestors settled – in Sands Point, NY. It’s now a museum! And has been for Many years. Castle Gould ( later Guggenheim ) is a mile away! My Mother died. 72. We are closing The house. We sold it, but closing date Is soon. Please come and see it while We still own it. It’s a few weeks away, that I can’t show you the house, pool, and grounds. My sister, Chris and I would be so happy to show it to you! Happy memories . I’d love to share the Grounds to you. I can’t remember last time – 2 years since we spoke?

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  2. Wonderful – have fun and keep me filled in! Did you find the Margaret Emerson Vanderbilt connection yet? Her sons , both deceased , were Alfred Vanderbilt , 2nd , and George Vanderbilt . Born in early 1900 ‘s. Look Up Gwyne. Spell check won’t let me Spell it correctly . But that name will Find fun info . I’m up for a bit/ and then Going up to bed . Please let me know if I can help you .

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