This page could get quite long, but until I outgrow it this page, here is where I’ll collect my resources.  Titles of books are hyperlinked to – a site that can help you locate a copy of the book at a library close to you.

Books About the Vanderbilts

Books Written by Vanderbilts (and descendants)


2 thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. My grandmother’s second husband was Howard (Harry) Kempster. Kempster was a manservant to Cornelius II and later, as personal valet, to Alfred G. Vanderbilt of NYC and Newport, the early 1900’s. He figured promently in the divorce of Alfred and Elsie French in 1908.
    I can not provide detail here, but Kempster was charged in 1914, by A.G. V. to contract, oversee and pay for a “private residence” at 508 Broadway, Newport, RI.
    The reason for this construstion was to provide Alfred with a personal location to “entertain” certain persons that would not be welcomed at his summer residence, “The Breakers”.

    Should you like greater detail, contact me at the Email above or (978) 706-1196, or 290 Berlin St., Clinton, MA 01510.

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