As I gather information I will collect information about the family on my personal genealogy site. I have the ability to create a separate “space” so to speak so that it is not mixed in with my data, so it is there where I will store the genealogy and related documents.

To explore the genealogy – visit the page of The Commodore. From there, anything that is underlined in green is a hyperlink and ready for you to click on. In the future, I’ll add some pointers and tips on how to navigate the site.

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14 thoughts on “Genealogy

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am researching the Gwynne family .In 1773 a Evan Gwynne emigrated from Wales to Baltimore U.S.A. The Alice Claypool who married Cornelious Vanderbilt is a member of the family.The Gwynne family were very successful and very wealthy. Any information on the Gwynne family in the U.S.A. would be appreciated.


    Thomas Gwynne

  2. robert a. cottrell

    Prior to dying my grandfather told me that he believed that we were related to the Vanderbilts. The story started with an inheritance received in or around 1901. A motor car, the first car my grandfather had seen, drove out to thier home in Oklahoma and delivered a check of around $2,000.00 to his mother. In 1901 that was a lot of cash.
    Her mother had married a White in New York and had moved to Tennessee as missionaries. Her mother was a Cran (Craghan). The Craghans owned all of the transit in New York City. Of course Grand Central Station had been established by the Vanderbilts so the acquisition my have been through marriage.
    Purportedly the family lost touch when the move to Tennessee had occured.
    My Grandfather, James H. Sellars was stationed in New York City durring WWI. He met one of the Craghans, and as I recall they invited him to thier home on occassion.
    If you are able to find a connection I would love to hear back.

  3. Kathy

    I was born a Vanderbilt. Kathy Sue Vanderbilt, Tunkhannock Pennsylvania December 6 1970. I was given up for adoption and have been looking for my past relatives. My birthmother has no connection past herself. I am hitting a wall. I cannot just go online and type in Vanderbilt because it is such a popular name. How could I possibly find out my family history?

  4. Lisa

    Hello I’m looking for some research. Several years ago I purchased vintage collectibles from the estate of a woman who had a vintage clothing museum. In my items was a pair of McCallum silk stockings of even more extraordinary quality with a strange detail. The stockings were STAMPED with initials from the machine that stamped the McCallum logo. I finally found the article stating Elias Claydon, responsible for their making made one special set for a Vanderbilt about to be married at the time of the worlds fair. But did not include her name. I’m looking for genealogy info to match the initials.

  5. David Ham

    I am simply looking for a Family tree of all of Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt’s descendentsd…the simple one with all the limbs & branches..cannot find one…does anyone know of a web site that just simply shows this?….thanks


    1. Hi David – I have a link from this very page to it. It is labelled “Descendants of the Commodore” You can find the first 4 generations of descendants that I have is at Of course, I may have gaps and/or inaccurate info so please check it out for yourself. Let me know if that did not answer your question. Thanks!

  6. carol latourette

    I have found that the vanderbilts married into the latourettes 2x and maria laourette was married to jean latourette and the first ones that escaped into the united states of america.

  7. Abigail Eisley


    My dad, Jerry Lee Eisley was adopted, born 1942. We recently found his birth record – with his original birth name “Jerry Lee Gwynne”. He was adopted from California. We are searching for any and all information! Thanks!!

    Abigail Eisley

  8. George Parsons

    Hello. I’m trying information about some anecdotal history of my grandmother. Her name was Rose McCabe and according to family lore, was a domestic for the Vanderbilt Family on Long Island, NY around 1900. She was not married but had a child, my father, about 1904 and the space for father is blank. My father was adopted and lived his life as Edmund Jesse. Is there any way to locate information about household employees of the Vanderbilts to see if Rose McCabe really did work for them. Would she be in the 1900 US Census.
    G. Parsons

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